Mobile data and Asian meal costs 1
June 26, 2024

Is mobile data as affordable as a meal in these Asian countries?

How much data can you buy for the equivalent cost of a typical meal in these ten Asian countries? SpudnikLab investigates.

rainier ridao 707nOyHzXR8 unsplash the philippines
February 13, 2021

Social Media: The New Ticket Out of Poverty in the Philippines?

Becoming a social media star has helped those from underprivileged backgrounds gain new freedom.

online classes husniati salma DIC2XZd YgQ unsplash
January 4, 2021

Indonesian Online Education: Digital Anxiety, Digital Illiteracy and the Digital Divide

A thriving online classroom requires a new skill set for teachers, many of whom are digitally illiterate and face digital anxiety. The first step of a solution is the willingness to change.

online classes husniati salma ldkHWg5s3Ec unsplash
October 4, 2020

Digital access in Indonesia—a luxury for learning in a time of pandemic

In pandemic times, the ideal of online learning through technological capability remains, for some, just an ideal.

digby cheung gNCWKn73fFw unsplash 1
September 10, 2020

Bridging the digital divide in Singapore

How some groups are working to close the gap between the digital haves and have-nots, in the city-state purported to be the technology capital of Asia, one laptop at a time.