UX designer

  • Experience conceptualizing and executing online and offline marketing promotion campaigns
  • Ability  to craft online and offline campaigns around identified user behaviour patterns
  • Experience conceptualizing online and offline experiences 
  • Marketing knowledge and experience 
  • Keen interest in humanitarian sector or experience with LMIC projects
  • Ability to work with SVG and CSS / ECMA scripted animation
  • Must be able to decipher TLAs

Solutions Engineer: Solutions Research & Development

  • Experience with Rapid prototyping for Proof of Concept projects
  • Experience with Full Stack development environments
  • Keen interest in frugal approach to digital user-centric solutions
  • Experience with Mobile-first and hybrid app development frameworks
  • Experience with online – offline user experiences
  • Familiarity with Progressive Web Apps
  • Ability to work with SVG and ECMA scripted animation

Desirable traits:

  • Open Source mindset
  • An interest in Volunteerism / Community Service / Tech for Good
  • Willingness to learn-by-doing and to initiate skills-sharing with non-tech teammates

Content Developer Associate

  • A background in the liberal arts and humanities will be useful and favourably considered 
  • Possession of Theory of Mind ability
  • At least 1 year of storytelling experience in both corporate and fictional contexts  
  • Extensive research skills including data collection from a variety of sources, including online and academic sources, critical analysis, interviewing, and report writing
  • A strong command of English and preferably a second language from the South Asian/ South East Asian region
  • Experience creating compelling content for a variety of media, including print and video
  • Experience conceptualising and implementing marketing and promotional campaigns 
  • Keen imaginative ability 
  • Keen interest in the promotion of global digital literacy and resource building for disadvantaged communities
  • Resourceful, adaptable, driven and a strong team player
  • Insight into environmental impact in relation to development of products and services would be a bonus