Bridging the digital divide

#Digital access for newcomers to the internet

#Improving the lives of underserved and          marginalized communities globally

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Latest Projects

The Boy and the Coin

What’s the worst that can happen if you need to buy your sick sister some food? Our short animated film ‘The Boy and the Coin’, is about a boy who has to do just this during the coronavirus pandemic in India. 

Covid-19 Guide

This simple audio guide on what to do and not to do to protect yourself from Covid-19 was designed especially for the Bengali-speaking migrant worker community in Singapore. 

MISSION & Vision

At SpudnikLab, we believe that digital access can be a powerful socio-economic leveler for underprivileged individuals and communities around the world.
However, about 4 billion people globally live with no access to the internet. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help bridge the digital divide (the gap between the digital access haves and have-nots) through low-cost innovation and appropriate technology. Appropriate technology is a movement involving technological application that’s small-scale, decentralised and labor-intensive. It’s also energy-efficient, environmentally sound and locally autonomous. We think it’s fantastic.
Our solutions to bridge the #digitaldivide aim to:
  1. Facilitate digital access for those coming to the internet for the first time
  2. Harness the benefits of digital access to improve the lives of underserved and marginalized communities around the world

Our team

Melissa De Silva


Melissa is a writer and storyteller who believes in the agency of stories to promote empathy across the lines of culture, socio-economics and other differences, and to deepen our understanding of what it means to be human. Melissa comes from a background in publishing and journalism. She is also the author of the book, ‘Others’ is Not a Race, about growing up Eurasian in Singapore, which won the Singapore Literature Prize 2018 (Creative Nonfiction).

Farah H. Sanwari

Partnership Catalyst

Farah is a social innovation leader with a keen interst in sustainable development and learning communities. She facilitates and fosters relationships between SpudnikLab and partner organisations, finding collaboration opportunities for transformational change. Her experience and expertise in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, systems design and futures thinking are instrumental in tackling complex systemic issues through tri-sector collaboration and innovation. She recently completed her Masters in Tri-Sector Collaboration at the Singapore Management University.

Bernadette Fah

Market researcher

Bern is a market researcher and serial start-up starter-upper who works with tech teams that place social welfare above profit. She helps SpudnikLab with communications, illustration and market research to bridge the #digitaldivide. Bern is also a published poet and artist. She eat potatoes in any shape or form, and will take extreme measures if you touch her snacks.

Darin K. Lobo

Research assistant

Darin is a molecular biologist by training, specifically in the field of epigenetics and bioinformatics. He is passionate about democratising biology through open science and the building of low-cost alternatives to traditional lab equipment. When not in the lab, he can be found working on all sorts of maker-related projects, ranging from pottery to welding to carpentry. 

Saad chinoy

Chief geek

Saad is a professional geek with a passion for technology and OpenSource methodology. Previous to SpudnikLab, he was conceptualising tech solutions for digital publishing company Tusitala (also part of Potato Productions). He brings his experience developing digital solutions that leverage smart-phone interactivity and his expertise with AR / VR / stop-motion animation and other digital tools to create innovative solutions to bridge the #digitaldivide. When not taking computers apart, Saad volunteers globally with several non-profits and is a self-confessed maker and coffee epicure.